Skyler Mechelle Weinberg

Exhales. That's my full name, and this is my whole story. 

I've spent the last six, nearly seven, years going down the rabbit hole of my 18 years of childhood molestation, incest, rape, drugs, trafficking, and family trauma and now I am ready to share it. To release the truth that has simultaneously destroyed me and woven me back together again. Not whole, as in perfect and all the way healed, but whole as is human. 

This novel begins where I did, detailing the very raw and painful experiences that I have only spoken about in segments online. It isn't for the faint of heart, nor are the subsequent 300 plus pages of short stories where I weave in and out of healing. Discussing trauma from the perspective of someone who has had the privilege of diving deep into her own grief, dismantling the skepticism regarding repressed memories, and inviting every single person to feel their own truth and believe it. 

Whether you define yourself as a "Survivor" or and an "Advocate" there is something to be found within these pages for you and your life, as I narrate the treacherous and horrific journey of how I've chosen to reclaim mine. 

Coming soon.